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How (Not) to make money — Part 2

Never started: Online Games Website

Alice Needle


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Well, let’s get to part 2 of this series in which I share my tried and not tried business ideas.

Today’s idea:

Online games website (that actually pays users)

As you probably guessed, this is not exactly a new idea. But there was a time in my life when I loved that Prizee site (and actually got some toys from there).

Now, who am I kidding? I’d still play such games, of course. I’m mostly into mobile games now due to laziness. Finding a site that allows me to play and win stuff? Would not pass on that!

Being human also means that you are never satisfied with anything. And, let’s face it. You think you can do better.

This is how business ideas start. You don’t need to have something original. You just have to do it better than the rest.

I admit that I’m not yet over this idea. Maybe someday, you’ll read an article here saying: remember that site I was talking about? I made it!

How great would that be?

So, the story behind this is quite clear. Loved these kinds of sites. Thought I could do it better. But you know what makes this a bad idea? Not even starting it!

I tried to convince some friends (college buddies) of implementing this together. But, it appears that we were not really committed to this.

It never got past some drawings, some game ideas, and a few reward ideas (ok, ok, a lot of reward ideas).

Most games focus on getting money from their players, not on giving anything back. But why shouldn’t they?

(As I’m writing this, I keep thinking: “I want to do this sooo bad”. Other ideas come to mind, images, games, happy people.)

Ok, back to reality!

This is about sharing some of my ideas that never got anywhere. But for this one, I must say, it was a shame that we didn’t try it.

So… What do you think of this one? Is it as good as I picture it to be?



Alice Needle

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